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Genelec F Two Sub BLACK

Genelec F Two Sub BLACK

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Designed to complement up to five Genelec G One or G Two or a pair of Genelec G Three or G Four systems, the Genelec F Two is an elegant and powerful active subwoofer.

Its award-winning Harri Koskinen industrial design provides bass extension down to 27 Hz without distortion. The playback level for the whole audio system, is conveniently controlled by the wireless volume control provided with the F Two subwoofer.

The Genelec F Two active subwoofer also features an integrated five channel bass management which let the subwoofer provide rich, deep and accurate bass reproduction.

Key Technologies

- Bass Management System
- Room Response Compensation
- Protection Circuitry
- Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™) Technology
- Optimized Amplifiers
- Active Crossovers

Technical specifications

- 102 dB
- 27 Hz - 85 Hz (-6 dB) / LFE 27 Hz - 120 Hz (-6 dB)
- 8 inch
- 150 W
- H 300 x D 362 mm, 11 13/16 x 14 1/4 inch
- 9.8 kg / 21.6 lb
- 5.1 RCA analog inputs/outputs, 2 x XLR analog inputs/outputs


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