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Genelec F One Sub (B) WHITE

Genelec F One Sub (B) WHITE

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Deep drawn steel cabinet with optimized reflex port. Designed to support two G One or G Two main speakers or five G One speakers in surround when used with external AV processor.

Optical and coaxial digital inputs along with RCA & 3.5mm analog inputs. RCA outputs. Wireless volume control system included.

Also possible to teach IR-remote control to adjust functions or optional wired volume control. Remote IR-receiver cable included.

Performs at frequencies down to 35Hz. Single 165 mm (6,5 in) long throw cone driver to produce up to 100 dB SPL in half space. Autostart / automatic on/off power sensing. Intelligent Signal Sensing power management. 40W D class amplifier with very low THD and IM distortion. Weight 5,6kg.

F One Sub (B) WHITE

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